Glamour Girl Goes Gourmand on Bachelor Cooking 101

Busty babe Aria Giovanni, star of Bare Naked Survivor, 13 Erotic Ghosts, and Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade, has teamed up with Hollywood Tuna for a series of culinary instruction videos called Bachelor Cooking 101.

The series is something akin to Cooking with Porn Stars featuring Houston and Teri Weigel.

Since she’s halfway to a biochemistry degree and has melons the size of crockpots under her apron, this San Diego native was the obvious choice for the job of Chef de Cuisine.

In the first episode, Aria instructs the viewer in the fine art of making the perfect hard-boiled egg. Between jiggling her ginormous jugs and giggling demurely, Aria demonstrates the proper method of turning a chicken egg from a salmonella-filled hand grenade into a tasty treat.

After boiling the three eggs for eight minutes, Aria performs the most important step (and the one that gives us the best look down her cleavage), putting the newly boiled eggs in cold water to prevent iron and sulfur compounds from forming a green ring on the surface of the yolk.

If cooking unfertilized ova isn’t kinky enough for you, check out Aria Giovanni, where the titular tart engages in fisting and pee-play.

La mensa preparata, Aria.