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Andrea Szabová is a beautiful blonde actress with a big smile to flash, and bigger breasts to flaunt on screen. Yes, my friend those are no mere mosquito bites, but busty boomers that will scratch the big tit itch that's been bugging you. And Andrea's not shy about showing off bova them. She first appeared in 2009's Tango s komarmi, or "Mosquitoes' Tango", a Slovakian film about a man returning to his home nation after many years away from home, looking to divorce his wife. You may recognize this plot as sorta similar to Sweet Home Alabama (2002), but in tone, the two movies are quite different. They both have sexy blondes in them, though, so your wang can dance the wango tango with either. But Andrea is better known for playing an exotic dancer and sexual entertainer in Freedom (2017), a flick about a bored housewife who opts to flee her dull life. Andrea wears a fishnet bodysuit with nothing underneath for a scene that has her bending over and flaunting her downstairs lips. But Andrea doesn't stop there. She performs in her sexy outfit onstage, and brings a man up there with her to act as a volunteer. She then takes a dildo and puts it in his mouth, before leaning on top of him and bouncing up and down on it. Is that allowed in Serbia? If so, land of the free my ass, Uncle Sam! It's not simulated either, that's Miss Szabova doing it for real. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose? Well, we're quite happy whenever Andrea Szabová loses her clothes!