Kitten Natividad in Airplane!The team that brought a singular brand of high-impact, kitchen-sink lunacy to the film comedy with Kentucky Fried Movie perfected their 10-jokes-a-minute art form with the disaster spoof Airplane!, which was released as a Special Edition DVD on this date in 2000.

And just as Kentucky Fried Movie buoyantly incorporated triple-Z-cup B-movie jug-goddess Uschi Digard, Airplane! boasts a faceless cameo by another mountain-mammaried Russ Meyer vixen.

Kitten Natividad in The Wild LifeThe bodacious bombshells the erupt on-screen hilariously and heatedly out of nowhere during a moment of hysterical (in every sense) panic, belong to none other than bazooka-bosomed Francesca "Kitten" Natividad.

And now you know the breast of the story.