Splash All You Want Kim Kardashian

We all have that one friend who also tries to convince you to splash around in some public water fixture because they believe it will be “fun.” I have never found the idea of splashing in water—that is most likely the same water cycled over and over and over again (not clean)—to sound all that exciting. Yet, if Kim Kardashian were my friend, I would almost demand she do it whenever we see a fountain.

While you might be thinking these are promotional photos of Kim Kardashian West, maybe she’s promoting a new t-shirt line or some fancy new resort; nope these are her own personal photos. Kim Kardashian is that friend we all have who jumps into some water fixture, but unlike our friend she makes it look like the most fun any of us could ever have. Sure, these pictures aren’t going to make me jump into the fountain in the center court of my local mall, but I do see the appeal now. Or maybe I should say I see the appeal of a soaking wet Kim Kardashian. Come to think of it, I’d like to see the appeal of that again.

So, the next time your pal suggests splashing around in public just shake your head no and picture Kim Kardashian soaking wet and rocking a white thong bikini. Then again, you can picture that any time for any reason.