New Kate Moss Nudes Are Awesome

There are certain things I have simply stopped doing or stopped watching or just stopped because they have gotten old. There's something about those things that make you want to brush them aside, they simply aren't worth your time anymore. A nude Kate Moss however never, ever gets old. In fact, I don't think Kate Moss actually gets older, she just stays really damn sexy.

Though, I suppose Kate Moss must age, right? Yet, I find myself staring at these new nude pictures of her with a touch of a disbelief washing over my face. These new nudes are just as sexy, as beautiful, and as awesome as all of her previous nudes. Had I not been told these were brand new images of a naked Kate Moss I would have been wondering how old they were. Kate Moss looks the same as she always has, at least as long as I can remember. Sure, there might be some pictures out there that show a bit of age on Kate Moss, but why on earth would you want to spend your time looking for those pictures when you could be staring at a nude Kate Moss right now? Really does seem like a better use of your time.

Don't know how Kate Moss does it and honestly, I'm not sure it matters all that much. All I care about is Kate Moss now, then, and probably in the future will look stunning with no clothes on.