A Vibe, An Energy, Two Awesome Boobs, Something...

You know when you see someone and you're not sure what it is about them, but you know you’re never going to forget them? It’s like a vibe, an energy, something that you can’t really describe, but when you see this person for the first time, that impression is forever imprinted on your brain. It’s that way for me with Elsie Hewitt, there’s something about her huge breasts that makes her unforgettable.  

Yes, Elsie Hewitt has got that vibe—or vibes I should say—that just radiates from her being. There is no way any of us, not you, not me, and not the person pretending they're not looking over your shoulder at the amazing boobs of Elsie Hewitt, will ever be able to forget Elsie Hewitt. And we many never figure out why. Some might say it’s her perfect breasts while others will contend it’s her fantastic boobs and yet some might go so far as to say it’s her amazing ass, I just don’t know. There is something about Elsie Hewitt that makes her memorable. Yes, Elsie Hewitt and her incredible body will haunt our dreams, even when we are awake.  

Personally, I like blending into the crowd, I don’t care to stand out, but I have always admired those who do. Elsie Hewitt really does stand out. She is really quite remarkable. And her boobs are great.

Photos by: Stephan Wurth for Playboy

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