Yes, Amanda Seyfried Is Sexier Than Before

We have learned that “Fosters” is Australian for “beer” so I’m wondering if “Seyfried” is Australian for super amazing mega hot, because Amanda Seyfried in Vogue Australia is pretty super amazing mega hot.  

When I first saw these pictures my instinct was to do a piece along the lines of new year, same old hot Amanda Seyfried, but then something struck me, something about Amanda Seyfried in these pictures got me really looking. And trust me, it’s not that I’ve never really looked at pictures of Amanda Seyfried, oh I’ve looked, I’ve looked a lot for a very, very long time at pictures of Amanda Seyfried, but this time around there was something different, something almost new about Amanda Seyfried in this photo spread. Though it’s hard to believe Amanda Seyfried might be sexier than she was last year. I know, it’s a crazy thought, but upon more careful examination, I do believe it is the truth.  

You know, “Seyfried” could also be slang here in the states for super amazing mega hot. Let’s give it a try; “Hey, have you seen these pics of Amanda Seyfried, she is really Seyfried in all of them!” Yep, I think we have a winner.