Jennifer Aniston bikini lip close-upFriends Fox Snagged in Possible Bikini Lip-Slip

The Superficial has posted numerous paparazzi shots today of Jennifer Aniston fantastically filling out a teeny green bikini.

One snap in particular proves to be moist intriguing -- it looks very much like the front of Jen’s swimsuit bottom is riding the crest of her left-side labia, thereby exposing half of her delectably clean-shaven Ani-snizz.

The Celebrity Vulva station here at Skin Central is furiously studying the photograph to determine for sure just what it is we’re exactly seeing so much of that we can smell it (and love it).

In the meantime, look hard at this close-up of Jennifer Aniston's comely crotch and leave your skin-alysis in our Comments section.