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The Aubrey Plaza Lip Slip You've Been Waiting For 36626 web

The sexy comedian known for her wit is getting closer to showing her slit, as seen in this photo from the set of Dirty Grandpa! Aubrey's humor may be dry but she's... okay we'll stop.... read more

Luisa Zissman Lets it Slip... 19076 web

One of our favorite things here at Mr. Skin is discovering lip slips, and their elusiveness only makes us all the more excited when one shows up!

Hit the jump for more info...... read more

Top 10 Labia Scenes

Our crack team of Skin Detectives have uncovered something sensational hiding in the first season of HBO's True Detective! We already knew that Alexandra Daddario's nude scene was the front-runner for Nude Scene of the Year, but the blu-ray revealed something we couldn't see on the boob tube... Alexandra's lovely labia! As she climbs off of Woody's woody, we get a quick look at her lips, which look good enough to lick! Here are some of the best labia shots from days gone by! Just enough to whet your whistle!... read more

This Is the End: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 10.1.13 [PICS] 14112 web

Not too much action on the Blu-ray/DVD front this week, with only a couple of skin slips to report. The apocalyptic comedy This is the End turns out to be the end of London Gill fully clothed, since she lets out her left lobber 14-minutes in.

The Frozen Ground seems non-nude at first, since it casts former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens as a stripper who doesn't strip. Things are not all bad though, since this stripper does slip a bit of lip during one of her routines. It's brief, so your best bet is to just look at the pic here at!

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LeAnn Rimes Lower Lip Slip [PICS] 13238 web

Looks like LeAnn Rimes was trying to get a little toast on the tuna taco while tanning in Miami, because her bathing suit couldn't cover all of her pink parts. Lip Slip! The bent over pose, or “The Alba”, leaves very little to the imagination, and our nudity experts have confirmed that yes, that is LeAnn’s lower lip peeking out on the left. Tantastic!

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Vanessa Hudgens Slips Lip in The Frozen Ground [PIC] 11938 web

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh holy crap. Finally, after all these years, Vanessa Hudgens is in full "daddy issues" mode, and we're all reaping the benefits!

Vanessa plays a stripper in the upcoming Nicholas Cage/John Cusack serial-killer movie The Frozen Ground (2012), and earlier today a red-band trailer leaked onto the 'net complete with nine very enticing seconds of Vanessa working the pole in her bra and panties.

Our Skin Labs were able to capture stills of Vanessa's striptease, including one splay-legged shot that leaves very little to the imagination. Upon closer SKINspection, our nudity experts have confirmed that yes, that is Vanessa's lower lip you're seeing. The Frozen Ground? Looks pretty fertile to us!

Get a better look with full sized pics of Vanessa Hudgens' lip slip on our The Frozen Ground (2012) page, right here at!... read more

Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: Sea of Love [PICS] 11774 web

If a lip slip is the Holy Grail of celebrity nudity, does that make Mr. Skin Indiana Jones?
We already got a good look at Ellen Barkin's oyster in a bottomless scene in 1987's Siesta, and now Mr. Skin's own Blu-ray Ninja has discovered another lower lip scene from Ellen in the thriller Sea of Love (1989). Previous versions of the film hid her furburger in shadow, but with some gentle tweaking the Blu-ray revealed A-list labia in the scene where she gives a fully clothed Al Pacino a reacharound.
There's one key difference- unlike in Indiana Jones, when you open Ellen's Ark of the Covenant, you won't melt. Well, maybe in your pants.
See strawberry-blonde bombshell Ellen Barkin exposed in Siesta (1987), Sea of Love (1989) and more right here at!... read more

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell Bares a Ginger Slice [PICS] 11426 web

Which Spice Girl is this? Sporty? Slutty? Grumpy? Doc?

Oh well, from now on let Geri Halliwell be known to the world as Tangy Spice, for the nice little sliver of furry bird's nest she's baring here at auditions for The X Factor in Liverpool, England. It has been decreed.
See a close-up of Geri Halliwell's upskirt lip slip after the jump!... read more

Former Disney Star Adrienne Bailon Flashes Furburger on the Red Carpet [PICS] 10888 web

The trouble with graduates of the Disney Channel school of teen celebrity is that usually by the time they're old enough to leer at, they're incredibly famous...and we have no idea why.

But Adrienne Bailon didn't come out of the womb with a three-picture deal; instead she did her time as a member of the quickly-forgotten girl group 3LW (along with nude Notorious star Naturi Naughton) in the early 2000s before joining up with Mickey for the prefab tween-pop group The Cheetah Girls.

And she's practically begging you to stare. Adrienne hit the red carpet this week clad in a sheer dress that left nothing to the imagination... especially when the bow adorning the front blew to the side, revealing her bald beav- lips and all- underneath.

"If I could come out naked, I would. This is just some fancy stuff to throw over my little naked body," Adrienne gushed to reporters, seemingly unaware that she had just given the paparazzi quite an eyeful. Nice pussycat, cheetah girl!
Check out a closeup pic of Adrienne Bailon's "wardrobe malfunction" after the jump!... read more

Top 10 Celebrity Lip Slips

Not to be confused with caged monkey--pubic hair sticking out of undies--the mythical lip slip is one of the most hallowed and rare flesh flashes in all of skinema. Full labia hanging out of panties is one way to give some lip, so let's hear it for Rose McGowan, Anna Nicole Smith, and the rest of our Top 10 Celebrity Lip Slips.... read more

Skin Central's Top 5 HD Discoveries of 2011 [PICS] 10432 web

Mr. Skin's Blu-ray Ninja never rests in his quest to flush out nudity wherever it may hide, and in 2011 he answered your burning nude questions (Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters? sorry fellas, no dice), picked up on pubes in the most shadowy scenes, and discovered sexy skin in the UN-likeliest of places.
Slice through our Top 5 HD discoveries of 2011 after the jump!... read more

Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Discoveries: The Hollywood Knights [PIC] 9975 web

It may not have the name recognition of, say, Return of the Jedi (1983), but if you were ever paralyzed by lust watching cheerleaders do high kicks back in high school, then our Blu-ray Ninja's newest discovery will hit you like a brass nunchuck to the noggin.

The Hollywood Knights (1980) features cameos from Fran Drescher and Michelle Pfeiffer before they were famous, but it's breast known here at Skin Central for the nude talents of Dawn Clark, Kim Hopkins, and sexy cheerleader Michele Drake, who puts some extra pep in a pep rally by forgetting to wear panties under her miniskirt.

We always knew there was bush in this scene, but in the new Blu-ray edition our Ninja has unearthed some lovely lower lip from the marvelous Michele. Shake that pom-pom, girl!

Members can unsheathe their broadswords with more from The Hollywood Knights right here at!... read more

Feast Your Eyes on Zombie Babes, Undead and Undressed at Mr. Skin [PICS] 9911 web

Ok, so worm-ridden corpses aren't all that sexy (unless you're Beatrice Manowski in Nekromantic, of course).

But those nubile naked babes in zombie movies who go skinny-dipping in lakes full of stiffs and foolishly get their freak on in abandoned graveyards (like Leela Savasta, seen at left riding a zombie on Masters of Horror) can certainly raise your rod from the dead.
More zombie babes naked after the jump!... read more

Porn Parody Grindhouse XXX Really Puts the "Grind" in "Grindhouse" [PICS, VIDEO] 9714 web

There's a nude porn parody born almost every day, but it takes a little extra somethin' somethin' to catch our eye here at Skin Central. Sorry This Ain't Saved by the Bell XXX, This Ain't Avatar XXX, This Ain't Twilight XXX and This Ain't Curb Your Enthusiasm XXX, but this just ain't working (XXX) for us anymore.

So we were slappy to hear that the creators of the upcoming Grindhouse XXX have come up with two totally new mini-movies, Massacre at Pine Lake and Student Assassin, for their porn parody. Neither one is likely to break any new ground in the field of filmmaking, but hey- at least they didn't do Plan-tit Terror and Death Poon.

See the trailer and more nudity from Planet Terror and Death Proof after the jump!... read more

Mr. Skin's DVD Finds: Jaime Pressly in Poor White Trash 9189 web

Well praise the Lord and pass the hot sauce, as my dear old granny used to say! Just kidding- my granny never said anything that cool. But you know what is cool? Jaime Pressly's lip slip in Poor White Trash (2000). The definition of a sleeper hit, hardly anybody saw this over-the-top comedy when it hit theaters, but thanks to a loyal fan following, it's found a second life on DVD.

Mr. Skin's Skin Wizards have been carefully skinspecting the DVD edition of Poor White Trash, and we've found something pretty snatch-tacular: in a scene where white-trash trophy wife Jaime Pressly destroys a hospital room, she lifts up her right leg for a panty-free high kick to a TV set, slipping some major labia majora (that's outer vag lips to you) in the process.

See the closeup of Jaime Pressly's lip slip in Poor White Trash after the jump!... read more

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