The Zendaya Challengers threesome sex scene was tragically cut short when the boys got carried away, locking lips with each other instead of doing the deed with Zendaya. She stops the action after that, and the rest is history. The Zendaya threeway sex scene that might have been. But Zendaya fans fear not. Because she strips down to her lingerie, including a thong, in multiple Challengers scenes, and we're turning her best moments into GIFs so you don't have to, snatchurally.

What Is Challengers About?

But first, how did we get here? Patrick (Josh O'Connor) and Art (Mike Faist) are high school best friends who meet Tashi (Zendaya) at the US Open, where the young men are competing in the boys' junior doubles. Tashi Tashi is a rising young tennis star. Patrick, Art, and Tashi find themselves in the same hotel room at the Open, where they almost engage in a threeway, but are stopped short by Tashi. The timeline of Challengers jumps around, but here's the jizz-st: Tashi and Art play collegiate tennis at Stanford while Patrick skips college to play professional tennis. During this time Tashi and Patrick maintain a long-distance relationship while Art secretly pines for her. Later, Art and Tashi get together while Tashi - retired after a sports injury - coaches him to great success. Patrick's tennis career fizzles out and he ends up living out of his car. However Patrick and Art - sworn enemies by the end of Challengers - have the opportunity to face for one final match.

Zendaya Thong Underwear

Just four minutes into Challengers Zendaya walks around the bedroom in her black thong underwear while Mike Faist chills in bed. She rubs lotion on her scar, which we'll learn more about later in the movie. Zendaya's body is truly unrivaled, and she looks damn good in those undies!

Zendaya Threeway Makeout Scene

Forty-one minutes in she enjoys the company of Mike Faist and Josh O'Connor at the same time in the movie's famed would-be threesome. Boo, but also, we'll take it. Their threeway make-out scene is pretty intense, after all.

Zendaya Nipples In See-Through Bra

Just over an hour into Challengers Zendaya lets fans see her nipples for the second time in her career! She's wearing a sheer pink bra here, and back in 2021's Malcolm & Marie she showed her awesome nips in a thin white tank top.