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Your Tuesdays Just Skinproved: The Mr. Skin Podcast Has Arrived!

Skin for your ears

If you've been a longtime mrskin.comfan (you have, right?),then you've already heard Jim McBride—aka, Mr. Skin himself—dish about breaking nudes on major radio shows like the Howard Stern Show and Playboy Radio for years. And if you loved hearing a behind-the-scenes take of life at Skin Central from the man, the myth, and the merkin master directly (you did, right?), then we have good news: The Mr. Skin podcast is live, and you can tune in every Tuesday to hear what's new, nude, and noteworthy.

Countless years of radio experience means Mr. Skin'snot going at it alone in his audible endeavor, either—he has teamed up with stand up comic Jimmy Failla plus Playboy model/TV and radio host Andrea Lowell to create a show that's fun, smart, and endlessly entertaining. We're only one episode in, and Jimmy has already dubbed Skin "the Boob Whisperer"—a name we think he's earned tenfold. Or one hundredfold. There are a lot of boobs on our site, is what I'm saying. Today, the team recaps how Mr. Skin moved from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to becoming thesurprise star of Knocked Upand how the top 10 nude scenes of all time earned their esteemed spots in movie history.

As Mr. Skin says, time flies when you're talking nudity, but don't take our word for it—give it a listen:

The show lives on our completely SFW sitemrskinpodcast.com, where you'll find links to SoundCloud, Google Play, and so much more. You can also listen to the show anytime on MrSkin.com byclicking on the podcast icon in our top navigation bar.And, of course, don't forget tosubscribe on iTunesso you never miss a skinsational episode!