Last week, news broke in the mainstream media about a couple who quit their jobs to fund a round-the-world trip by submitting their homemade sex videos online. The couple, Italians Kim and Paolo, have so far visited Spain (including all of the Canary Islands), France, Poland, Romania, Greece, and Montenegro, and are currently living a lavish lifestyle in Argentina - funded solely by selling their X-rated videos.


Strictly for research purposes, we decided to dig a little deeper to find out just how good these videos are at enabling them to live such an extravagant lifestyle. It didn’t take long until we found a site called ‘Lustery,’ where Kim and Paolo are submitting their videos regularly (most notably at a nudist beach, where Kim receives an applause from onlooking strangers after sucking Paolo to completion completely in the open).


Upon browsing around Lustery - again, strictly research - it became clear that Kim and Paolo aren’t the only couple cashing in on this rapidly growing sexual subculture. Since launching in early 2017, Lustery has received hundreds of video submissions from real couples all over the world. 

Luna and James, an impossibly hot young French couple who "met at a party last year," share everything from tender love-making with lots of cuddling and eye contact to rough fucking with deepthroats, spankings, bondage and trash talking.

Childhood sweethearts Johan and Lauren have regular sex on their worldwide travels - their most recent submission being on a balcony in Medellin, Columbia, for all the neighbors to see!

Lesbian lovers Alyssa and Lorelei met through a mutual friend and have spent almost every day together since. As far as sex goes, they’ve recently started introducing toys and ropes, as exhibited in their most recent Lustery videos!


Needless to say, this growing new wave of sexual liberalism stretches way beyond just Kim and Paolo, and appears to be right at the forefront. With openness and acceptance of others' sexuality becoming more and more the norm amongst millennials, it’s clear to see how this trend is picking up the pace. Combine this with the ability to monetize their videos through paid submissions to Lustery, and all of a sudden, a modern new subculture of porn is born. Will it remain simply this, a subculture, or evolve and become a staple in mainstream pornography? I guess that’s up to us.