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Women Disguised as Men


It might be a little confusing, but it is still hot when these actresses dress like guys only to then get naked and show the truth in this sexy playlist of women disguised as men. Joyce Hyser wears a tux and stops a guy, pulling her shirt open and releasing her impressive sweater puppies in Just One of the Guys (1985). Janet McTeer shocks a guy when she unbuttons her coat and shirt and shows off her ample chest apples in Albert Nobbs (2011). When she takes her bulky costume off to reveal her tight, fit, fully nude body in Arabian Nights (1974), Ines Pellegrini shows bush, boobs, and butt while having a good laugh. There’s no confusing how hot Gwyneth Paltrow is when she takes her costume off to reveal her true, sexy body and perky milkers in Shakespeare in Love (1998). Jemma West is dressed like a guy whose secret comes out when a woman unbuttons her shirt and feels her right knocker in an episode of The Borgias. These ladies might be dressed up to look like men, but when the clothes come off, it’s clear they are all woman!


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