Love and Basketball, with Two Baskets and No Balls

The Motor City got a little overheated today, fueled by revelations of a secret Sapphic sex tryst back in 2000 between Minnesota Lynx Anna DeForge and the Detroit Shock’s Nancy Lieberman, a married Basketball Hall-of-Famer recently come out of retirement to sign a seven-day contract with the squad.

The rumored rug-munching occurred when Lieberman was the Shock’s coach and DeForge was a player. Management fired Lieberman at the end of the losing season, but now she’s back as a teammate.

For the last few years, DeForge and Lieberman have been running basketball camps together. That’s one camp that has no use for tent poles.

This pic from the Gallic girl-girl flick Secret Things with Coralie Revel might give an idea what it looked like when Lieberman and DeForge practiced layups.