Wouldn't You Hate To Miss One Danica McKellar Bikini Filled Moment?

It can be tough to constantly look at pictures of celebrities on vacation. The longing to be out in the world, living a life where you can be free to head out to a fun destination whenever you so desire. But if you did that, you might miss a chance to see Danica McKellar in a bikini.

For you see, if you were on vacation while Danica McKellar was on vacation, then you might be somewhere that doesn'thave great wifi or even worse, a place that charges for wifi. Sure, some of you might just use your data that comes with your phone plan, but what if you ran out? What if you were in a location where they would charge you extra? How horrible would that be? Knowing that there are sexy pictures of Danica McKellar in a bikini on Instagram and you couldn’t see them? I wouldn’t call that a vacation, I’d call that a nightmare.

Sure, taking a break from work is always a good thing, but I think stay-cations are the best. No packing, no travel panic, and no way to ever miss seeing Danica McKellar in a bikini. Really, when you stay home you get the best of both words, a break and Danica McKellar’s cleavage.