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Special Features | Tuesday, July 29 2008

Who Has the Best Boobs in Hollywood?

Skin on the Street: Where the Skin Team Presses Flesh with the Public to Tackle Today's Toughest T&A Questions. Today's Query: Who Has the Best Boobs in Hollywood?

Breasts. Boobs. Bosoms. Hooters. Honkers. Funbags. Jugs. Milk-Missiles. Meat-Balloons. Sweater-Stuffers. Tits. Bo-Bo’s. Ta-Ta’s. Bazooms.

Call them what you will, but the milk-producing appendages of the female chest boast the power to bewitch like no other objects in the universe – organic, artificially augmented, or otherwise.

For this edition of Skin on the Street, we asked members of public to name the Hollywood starlet who bears the best set of dairy-dirigibles.

They could be mammoth and all-natural like the jamambo monsters bouncing bedazzlingly out so far in front of Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johannson.

Or they could be bite-sized and delectable like the mouth-watering mosquito bites that barely dent the bra cups of Keira Knightly and Paris Hilton.

Or they might measure out about medium size -- supple, firm, eminently inviting to fondle -- like the buoyant B's of Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel.

Then again, your favorite love-pillows might be store-bought and surgically inflated (which is definitely NOT Mr. Skin’s favorite) as in the case of the plastic fantastics belonging to Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra.

And, of course, they may just be indescribably divine, regardless of size. Think of Halle Berry and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

All we wanted to know was which boobs you liked the breast of all. And you told us.

How many of the above-named knockouts made the cut? Who haven't we mentioned yet?

Watch the video for the complete casabas.