Why Isn't Everyone Staring At Emily Kinney?

Emily Kinney in a bikini is one hell of a beautiful sight; there is no arguing that. And the fact that Emily Kinney is kind of a tiny person (that’s one of the many reasons we love her) that makes her bikini kind of tiny so, that makes me wonder will Emily Kinney ever wear a yellow polka dot bikini?

You have to admit, that song probably popped into your head when you first saw this awesome Instagram pic from Emily Kinney. That’s what happens when you are as cute and tiny as she is. But all joking aside, I’d like to point out my utter amazement that there isn’t at least one person staring at her in the background. I know if I was poolside and Emily Kinney was there in a bikini it would take all my might to not be staring at her the entire time. And yes, I know at some point, Emily Kinney would have management escort me out, but it would probably be worth it. Luckily I’ll never be in the same place as Emily Kinney and she has Instagram so I can gaze her adorable bikini body in the comfort of my own home.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if someone gave Emily Kinney a yellow polka dot bikini at some point as a gag gift. Though, you have to admit, she would look hot as hell in a yellow polka dot bikini because she looks hot in all kinds of bikinis.