Rachelle’s Rackage is a U-Must-C!

Technically, the initials UFC stand for “Ultimate Fighting Championship,” the Las Vegas-based mixed martial arts league that hired a 19-year-old model named Rachelle Leah to be an octagon girl.

But since Rachelle started getting featured as a UFC girl in magazines like Maxim and Stuff, she has started giving off the impression that it might stand for "Unattainable Fantasy Chick" or "Unaugmented Full Chest."

Soon, UFC management promoted Rachelle from octagon girl to hostess of UFC All Access on Spike TV, which airs a week before a scheduled bout.

This month, Rachelle reveals rack, rear, and rug in the pages of Playboy, giving UFC fans an opportunity to Unmercifully Flog their Cocks in a one-man cage match.

Alongside Rachelle's Udders, Fanny, and Clam, the issue also features a tribute to the Bond girls, including Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton.

Whether you like to see sweaty men locked in a death grip, it’s easy to appreciate Rachelle’s bid this month to be Playboy's Ultimate Female Centerfold.