She may be one of the hottest young actresses around, but when it comes to flashing flesh, Kristen Stewart is as ice cold as the vampires she cavorted with in Twilight.

We always suspected her chaste portrayal of teen heroine Bella Swan was just great acting, covering up the sizzling sex kitten lurking underneath her cool persona.

Turns out we might just be right, and there's a good chance we'll be seeing Kristen Stewart nude on the big screen sooner than we think.

The New York Post reported:

In her new movie, “Welcome To The Rileys,” Kristen will not only be baring all as a New Orleans stripper, but she”ll be giving James Gandolfini’s lap some serious attention.

“It’s an independent movie that nobody would normally see and now it’s like, ‘Oh, let’s go see Bella in this stripper movie, it’ll be crazy,’” she told WENN.

"Baring all"? Those are words to make the ears (among other things) prick up, but we've been burned by non-stripping strippers so many times (Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan) that we thought it best to get a second opinion. CelebNewsWire says:

We were skeptical, so we did some further research and someone on the movie’s IMDb message board says he/she has a copy of the script, and nowhere does it state that Stewart’s character will be naked.

Here's hoping that Kristen is more of an improvising type of actress, who only loosely follows a script and instead listens to her gut and lets the character lead her. Lead her right out of her clothing, that is.

If Kristen's going to get nude, we'll know about it. And so will you, if you subscribe to our RSS feed.