I decided to jump on Wikki and find out more about Rikki and Vikki Ikki (Erica and Victoria). They've appeared in all types of spreads from Hooters to Playboy (the leather collection and they've been CyberGirls) and were cover girls for Import Tuner Magazine.

First up was Rikki, and she was the lucky one to open a box of screaming hot mix of lesbians and girls who were dying to be one. She seemed to hit it off though, and made out with 2 of the first 4 girls she met. Vikki didn't give it away as quick, but after a fashion show of fine lesbian farm animal impersonations, it was already time for her to send someone home.

But who would it be? The flashy obnoxious makeup artist that couldn't WAIT to be the first to fight in the house, the proud dominatrix, or the girl who scared the Ikki twins with her numerous (13 to be exact) tattoos? Well they sent 4 girls home, leaving only 8 mighty Aphrodite's (and a SamRo look-a-like) behind for the picking.

Then there was the superhero posing, food throwing, oogle eyed guys. There was, a club promoter, a party promoter, a boat captain, aaaand a club owner. How eclectic! Two of the clubbers went home and a tattoo artist (funny they don't like tattoos, Rikki has three piercings that aren't in her ear). The guys are no where near as impressive as the ladies, so I'm hoping they all get eliminated next week.

Previews for the next few shows are action packed with booze, bikinis, and blouse bunnies so I'm looking forward to it. Here's what I've deduced so far, guys have a tendency to be overbearing douchebags when around beautiful women, and Rikki will give it up to anyone who asks. Can't wait to see what happens next!!!

XX- The Big O

If you want to watch the whole episode you can here.