Two of television's most reliable skin peddlers- Magic City and Game of Thrones- had their season finales last night, and as expected they threw us a bone with some bare boobage from skin veterans Jessica Marais and Esme Bianco.

Magic City ended its first season with another kinky scene between Jessica Marais and her mobster husband (Danny Huston)- it started off with him smacking her around by after finding out about her affair, but thanks to some dirty talk from the clever Ms. Marais it ended with bumping uglies by the pool:

Plus, Dominik Garcia-Lorido (or maybe her body double) got wet baring butt and left boob in the shower with her guy, a first for the second-generation (her dad is actor Andy Garcia) thespian:

And Game of Thrones' second season didn't quite live up to last season's full-frontal flesh fest, but Esme Bianco bid us farewell for another year by opening her robe to expose her pretty pillows. So until next year, if you're ever in dire need of some Westerosi flesh, find any man from Mr. Skin and tell him these words: Valar Morpubis:

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