This week on DVD, Milla Jovovich goes back to her naked, naked ways in Stone, we get some virgin tit in The Virginity Hit, and a B-movie babe bares her B's in the Roger Corman Cult Classic Demon of Paradise.


Nude on DVD and Blu-ray, Milla Jovovich gives us our first confirmed sighting of her bare boobs since her skinterracial lesbian scene in the 2006 thriller .45 when she doffs her top in the Robert De Niro flick Stone. It all starts half an hour in, when we see Milla's cones as she talks on the phone and gives us a bone. Then at the 53-minute mark, Ms. Jovovich bares her niptastic knockerage in bed with De Niro. You'll turn to stone. In your pants.

The Virginity Hit

Also nude on DVD, The Virginity Hit is a new kind of teen sex comedy that looks at boob in the age of Youtube. Most of the skin in this movie is seen on a computer screen, like when Savannah Welch appears fully frontal on a screen 33 minutes in and then topless on a cell phone one minute later. Adult actress Sunny Leone even makes a strangely non-nude mameo appearance topless on as the favorite porn star of a teenager who's desperate to get laid. With Sunny? Aren't we all?

Up from the Depths/Demon of Paradise

Also nude on DVD, Roger Corman's terror-at-the-beach cult classics Up from the Depths and Demon of Paradise are packaged together in one double feature. But the real double feature comes in Demon of Paradise when B-movie babe Leslie Huntly gets nude as some sexy fish food. Demon of Paradise will have you dreamin’ a pair-a-boobs!