Bikini babes show no sign of slowing, even with the cooler temps and raging hurricanes and tropical storms. This week, a load of our favorites strapped on the slinky string swimwear and gave us visions that will keep us warm long into December. How did everyone's most luscious lust object, Megan Fox, fare in the list? Find out!

5. The contestants of America's Next Top Model - This week, the girls got makeovers and hit the beach for an ap-peel-ing and revealing bikini shoot. It was almost as great as seeing Tyra in that bikini for Sports Illustrated.

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4. Brooke Hogan - Daddy's little girl will thrill you. Then she will bodyslam and kill you. Pin me, Brooke. Please?

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3. Danielle Lloyd - Another Brit export who's bound to be our new chief sexport.

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2. Jennifer Aniston - She's split from John Mayer, but her body's still a wonderland.

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1. Megan Fox - Come on, was there really any question she would nab the top spot?

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