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The Top Butt Kissing Babes


Why is kiss my ass used as an insult? With asses like these we'd be kissing until our lips got chapped, and then we'd find something else to put on that ass. One guy is jerking off as Nicki Micheaux in The Ranch (2004) and her pal get it on. Can you blame him? No. Will you join him? Yes. As they fuck, Emmanuelle Béart in Strayed (2003) gets turned onto her stomach so her man can kiss her fine ass. It's the least he can do to say thank you. Gratitude is important. Maria Conchita Alonso in Caught (1996) is caught in the shower naked with a fellow who understandably falls to his knees to kiss per perfect ass. Denice Duff in Vampire Resurrection (2001) will resurrect your stake as she sits on top of her man and he gets so turned on he can't help but to kiss her butt. It's understandable. Her cheeks are supernaturally sweet. Malu Mader in Sexo, Amor e Traição (2004) gets her buttock exposed for the lips of her lover to kiss, and you'll be kissing yourself in appreciation for even a quick glimpse at her cheeky softness. Lying in bed, Adriana Fonseca in La tregua (2003) finds her man very interested in her bulbous bottom, which he kisses before she turns the other cheek and shows him her tit. That's the one-two punch we'll all be feeling in our pants. Lori Wagner and Anneka Di Lorenzo in Caligula (1979) know what they like, and what they like is each other, especially their asses, which are ripe for the munching and offer more than a mouthful. Dig in. Back alley sex with Pamela Anderson in Raw Justice (1994), as she lets her lover take every part of her enhanced hotness. Boy do we love a woman with seat meat and the kink to let us kiss it.


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