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Now that the hit British reality television series Naked Attraction is streaming on Max, Americans from coast to coast are finding themselves staring at perfect nude women on the reg. Of course, if you're a Mr. Skin subscriber, this is nothing new. For the rest of the world - now you get it. Now you get it. There's nothing better than an exquisite naked lady, and on Naked Attraction, we get many, many, many of them!

So what is the premise of Naked Attraction? One lucky man or woman gets to choose a date from six people standing stark naked in boxes. In each round of the game, the boxes are raised to reveal more of the potential dates, and in each round, the contestant must eliminate one of the nude people. When things get down to two possible dates, there's a twist. The contestant herself must get naked to level the playing field! After making their final decision, the contestant and their favorite nude person go on a date in the real world to see if it's a match outside of pure physical attraction.

Fun huh? Meanwhile, in the USA we have The Golden Bachelor. SMDH. In order to get in on the fun we rounded up our favorite ladies from Naked Attraction, and you can find their hottest moments in the gallery below. Big boobs, shaved bushes, and curvy figures abound. Thank you, Britain. We'll try to do better in the future.

Naked Attraction Controversy

As you can imagine, when you have this many people from so many different walks of life exposing this much of themselves in one reality series, the window for drama is wide open. One part of the show that might make some viewers uncomfortable is the banter between the host and the contestant. They critique the bodies of the six nude people in boxes - from their genitals to their tattoos to their body hair to even their weight.

Sometimes these conversations feel a little, blunt, for lack of a better term. It certainly emboldens fans of the show to provide their unfiltered thoughts online, and one contestant, Rebecca Draper, was torn apart online from both her date from the show, as well as a mob of viewers. This was back in 2016, and Rebecca spoke out about the cruel comments.

Naked Pics Of Contestants From Naked Attraction

But on to bigger and brighter things. We think that Rebecca is perfect from head to toe, as well as the rest of the exquisite ladies from Naked Attraction. Well, you know the rules. Time to get naked!