A MrSkin.com Sex-clusive

Nude in theaters February 13th is Extreme Movie, a raunchy teen sex comedy starring Michael Cera, Frankie Muniz, and 90210 star Cherilyn Wilson.

Brought to you by the men behind Not Another Teen Movie and The Comebacks, Extreme Movie has launched a unique and hilarious promotional website that they’ve given exclusively to MrSkin.com!

In anticipation of the movie, the filmmakers have launched a hilariously new website based on a gag from the movie.

The site is www.abe-sex.com and it allows users to insert pictures of their friends' faces (or their own, if that’s want floats their boats) on the body of a guy getting rear-ended by Abe Lincoln in an old-fashioned sepia tone video.

The best part is, you can embed the picture in an ecard and send it to your friends to let them know how much you ass-pire to be like them.

Go to www.abe-sex.com, upload some photos, and skin-joy!