Where To Begin? Where To Begin?

As much as I would love to sit here and run down all the Emmy nominees and talk about all the super sexy and really hot nudity filled moments in their careers, there are simply too many to pick from. I don’t know if the Emmys are adding hotness into the selection process but each category seems to be filled with beautiful actress after beautiful actress after beautiful actress.

I honestly have no idea who’s the favorite in any of these races. So many strong and sexy contenders this year, it’s totally a toss up. At one moment I’m sure Elisabeth Moss is going to walk away with everything, then it’s Evan Rachel Wood, the next minute Nicole Kidman. How does one decide? And then there’s Thandie Netwon. How can Thandie Newton not win everything? At this rate they really need to just go ahead and make a category for hottest actress of the year and sexiest show of the year. Sure, those would be the hardest two categories to judge, but they might as well do it.

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the Emmys this year. Think I might as well forget about trying to figure it out and just enjoy all the incredibly talented and super sexy nominees.