Back in January I wrote about the Bikini Babes from New Years break complete with the obligatory Lohan shot looking svelte and rocking her impressive knockers. I thought she looked good- not too thin, toned, and sporting a smile that we don't always get to see...

I've been watching Lindsay for a few years now (probably a little closer than I should) but just like most guys have a favorite athlete that they know all about, I've got my own obsession. So when the newest (and topless) pictures of her came out, along with reports that a shrinking LiLo may be back on the blow, the question was posed: Are those tits real?

Just about everyone remembers what she looked like right before she went into rehab, she had all but disappeared- as did her sizable sweater-puppets... BUT- this was the first semi-official clue that they were in fact real, obviously if they were fake they would have looked more like baseballs in a pair of stretched socks.

Once she started living on something other than white powder and red bull she bounced right back, first came the curves around the hips followed by some balloons with attached nips. How exciting to see she got her body back- and with her new lesbian-influenced look I could watch her bra less boobies go shopping all day long!

Over the next year things were kept very hush hush when it came to her private life, she seemed like she was happy (I'm sure being a non-lesbian can be stressful at times) but as time passed she seemed to be channeling the Mean Girl within her storming around at clubs telling Sam "When I walk out, you're supposed to come after me!", fighting in almost every hotel she stays at, and stomping her feet at airports when she doesn't get first class (it must be a celebrity thing).

Thus started the second decline... In the last two months her form has slowly been shrinking, with the exception of her rack... Then- someone had the audacity (and you know who you are BTS) to try and convince me that the only explanation was that she had to have gotten a boob job at some point. BLASPHEMY!

Could it be that I'm just holding on to the belief that they're real (and fantastic)? Is it possible that my favorite boobies in the world are fake? I strolled around the office and asked a few people, we looked at a slew of shots from all different angles and couldn't find any signs of surgery...

So now I'm asking you (yes, YOU). What do you think? Are they real- or just the most awesome augmentation ever performed?

Images from Egotastic

Update from last weeks post:
For those of you who read last weeks post- The Ikki Twins wrote back! They liked my very public letter, and said they'll let me know the next time they're in town so we can meet up. The next step for me was to get my hands on Mr. Skin's credit card for a night on the town...

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