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The Best Breastfeeding Scenes

When it is time to eat, it is time to eat, and these actresses are not shy about whipping out their milk bags at any time. These are the hottest breastfeeding scenes captured on film! First up, Mathilda May will make you say "Mother MAY I?" when she squeezes her ample chest apples and sprays milk into a boy’s hungry mouth! Heather Graham sobers up the guys in The Hangover when she whips out a boob and feeds the kid as she casually chats. Susan Sarandon breastfeeds in front of the help in Pretty Baby. Jim Carrey isn't about to pass up a free meal, so he drops to his knees and nurses on sexy Shannon Whirry’s jiggling jugs. A barely recognizable Nastassja Kinski pulls out her perky pour spout to feed an infant in Tess. While her baby suckles on one boob, Clementine Celarie pulls out her other huge knocker and lets her man play with it! The sexy Virginie Ledoyen sits nude in front of a group while nursing an infant in the House of Voices. Rebecca De Mornay massages her mams as a baby sucks her sack in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. And who could forget the freaky leaky performances from Larissa Lwlewa, Jade Go, and Terry Pheto? Milk, it does a body wood! See all these and more in Mr. Skin’s collection of the hottest breastfeeding scenes.

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