The apocalyptic futuristic thriller 2012 opens in theaters this weekend. Although it's one of the most anticipated movies of the fall season, it's definitely not one of the most skinticipated. For all 2012 includes in action, it lacks even the slightest sliver of skin.

It took a while to get over our disappointment, but when we did, we realized that we could see 2012 star Amanda Peet nude in a number of roles, so we created a top 10 list of the sexiest roles of the very sweet Peet's carnal career, from her first hot appearance in 1998's Origin of the Species, to the unforgettable "topless with a gun" scene from The Whole Nine Yards.

2012 might be a nudity bust, but let's sit back and and enjoy all the other opportunities we have to enjoy Amanda Peet's bust.