We Shouldn't Be Surprised By Dakota Fanning's Great Side Boob

There really is an art to great side boob. There are some who have mastered the art of the side boob, no doubt you are currently thinking of at least three people who give great side boob. Well, get ready to add another to the list because Dakota Fanning has side boob that is worth writing home about.

I feel the need to say that I'm actually a bit taken back by Dakota Fanning's side boob. Not in a bad way, more surprised than anything else. I wouldn't have thought about Dakota Fanning having great side boob before now. While I'm sure there are many out there who aren't surprised in the least and can't understand why I would be surprised, honestly I'm not sure I could explain it. I simply am a little surprised. Dakota Fanning has great side boob. She might have some of the best side boob right now. I'm going to sit down and re-evaluate my side boob rankings. Then again, we should all re-evaluate our side boob rankings from time to time.

Of course the question now is does Dakota Fanning have nice side butt? Guess we'll have to wait for her to hit the beach in a skimpy bikini, but I'm going to go ahead and vote yes, she has nice side butt.