Tera Patrick (Picture: - - - - ) is the breast of both worlds. The brown-eyed brunette is of Thai and British descent, a true Eurasian beauty. She is a statuesque five-foot, nine-inches tall with the classic, 36D-25-36 figure of an hourglass - and times are always hot when she's onscreen. The former Ford model with the sultry voice appeared in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar before things got really bizarre. That happened when Tera posed for Suze Randall as a Penthouse Pet in February 2000 (Picture: ).

By that time she had already made her mind up to become a porn star. Her body of work is almost as impressive as her physical body. With prurient productions such as Shades of Sex (2000), Filthy Whore (2000) and Up and Cummers 80 (2000), she won the AVN Award for "Best New Starlet" in 2000 and recently has signed an exclusive two-year contract with Vivid. Tera will star in at least three films for the Cadillac of Cooze Cinema, but there's a hitch. She will only perform with her husband, Evan Seinfeld, the lead singer for the hard-rock combo Biohazard. Oh, and she'll let some naked ladies join in on the fun, too.

Tera is one busy lady. She was featured in Porno Valley, a reality series about the Vivid girls, which was broadcast in England at the beginning of the year and is looking for a home on the boob tube on this side of the pond. Tera and Seinfeld are working on another reality-TV show called Rockstar-Pornstar, which is being produced and is looking for an outlet - bet Mr. Skin could find a place to plug that in! And she's the host of a pilot called Strip Poker Party cashing in on the poker and the poke-her craze. Yes, Tera is one busy beaver, but not so busy that she couldn't take some time off to get cozy with Mr. Skin. For more information on personal appearances and upcoming features staring the titillating Tera visit her Web site: http://www.officialterapatrick.com.

We're sorry to report that you're now married to Biohazard singer Evan Seinfeld, how'd he get so lucky?
I went looking for him! I saw him on Oz and had to have him. It turned out we had a mutual friend and she hooked us up. I didn't even know he was in a band. He was sooooo hot. We talked on the phone and had phone sex for three months! When we finally met in person I was nervous because I really wanted him to like me, so I left my bra and panties at home. I jumped on him when he introduced himself and we didn't leave my house for three days! A month later we got engaged, and a year later we were married. He's the most amazing person I know.

So, you were a rock groupie?
No, but I am now. When Biohazard goes on tour I go with Evan. I love when he fucks me on the bus!

At 13, you were already exposing your beautiful body as a fashion model. How does a young girl cope with that kind of attention?
It is hard! Everybody tried to fuck me back then and now I get paid to get laid.

You must have seen some gorgeous women naked backstage at runway shows, have any titillating stories to share?
Girls were much more conservative back then. I mean, if any girl wanted me she never said so.

Is there a supermodel you'd like to get super-sexy with?
I have always wanted Karen Mulder. I think she's Dutch. She is so beautiful and she looks like a wildcat! I have a fantasy of us in Cannes, France, on a yacht. We're covered in oil bathing in the sun. Then we let our fingers and tongues roam all over!

Wow, what a sexual appetite. Yet, when you hit 18 you gave up on fashion and studied to be a nurse, specifically as an infectious disease specialist. Is there anything we should know about?
When I'm done working I'd like to work as a scientist, or a profiler. I watch a lot of crime TV and if I'm not nursing the world I'd like to catch the bad guys and work in forensics.

Do you still put on your nurse's outfit? We'd love to see you model that sometime.
Oh yeah, it's one of my feature shows. I love playing the nurse. The crowd goes wild.

I don't think it's just the nurse uniform, but rather what's stuffing it so plentifully. When did your lovely breasts grace us with their presence?
Febuary 2003. I love them! Honestly, if I hadn't said anything no one would have known. They look great and feel even better. Big breasts are the best. You can get anything you want. They are heavy though. It's just great being a woman and having a woman's body.

Amen to that. But are they your favorite body part?
One of them: I also like my legs and my face.

Now, what makes a former fashion model and naughty nurse switch careers to hardcore pornography?
Money! It was a fantasy but I also saw a good opportunity to make money and build a business. I own my own company, TeraVision, and my own Web site, http://www.officialterapatrick.com. I am my own boss now and in control of my own destiny. That feels good!

Speaking of feeling good, do you recall the first time you saw a porno film?
I remember it had PJ Sparxx in it. I don't know the name of the movie though. Actually I talked with her the other day! I told her she was my first movie, and we laughed. The first porn star I ever met was Rebecca Bardoux. The movie left me with butterflies. It was a very sexy feeling.

What about the first time you saw a naked lady in a mainstream movie?
I think it was a Prince movie Purple Rain. I remember hiding under a table and watching it. I was a shy kid.

Appolonia will do that to a person. Now that you're a Vivid girl, only doing girls and your husband, are there any mainstream actresses that you'd like to invite to join in on the fun?
Oh yea! Gina Gershon. She's my dream girl.

What would the two of you do together?
Let's just say she can have all control! I would do anything!

Do you have any plans to return to B-movies like your work in The Seduction of Maxine (2001) or mainstream movies?
If the right part came along, maybe. I'm focusing on my company right now.

You have rallied the troops on USO tours with Salma Hayek, but did you two engage in any hand-to-hand loving backstage?
I wish! She's hot, too!

Do you like a man in uniform?
I think every woman does. It's a turn on. I got the bad boy! The one the man in uniform goes after, that's a big turn on!

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