Playing this week at the Music Box Theater in Chicago is Mitchell Lichtenstein's soon-to-be cult classic Teeth (2007). Lichtenstein, the son of famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, has worked as an actor with both Ang Lee and Robert Altman and Teeth is his first feature-length film as a director. The story revolves around Dawn (Jess Weixler) a teenage girl whose rap as a Christian abstinence spokesperson literally has some teeth in it, due to her being the bearer of the mythological vagina dentate. While a movie about a hot young girl with a set of chompers in her bearded clam might be enough to scare most men's peckers up inside their body cavities, the sight of Jess' jugs on the screen actually has the opposite effect. Who would guess Teeth would have skin? 15 minutes into the movie, Jess bends down over the bathroom sink, her nightgown flops open and we get a very quick down-blouse peak at her right breasticle. Finally, at the 1:14 mark, we see her pert, rosy-nippled breasts as she admires her topless form in a full-length mirror. As soon as I have pics or clips, I'll be putting them up on the site, but I urge you to go see Teeth's limited engagement on the big screen while you have a chance.