Willa Holland Topless Is Coming... Maybe?

Way back when—2015, to be exact—we were all so young and carefree, there was a moment when we got a peek at Willa Holland’s boob and we all knew that it was only a matter time before she went topless in something. It’s kind of hard to believe that’s been two years since and that hasn’t happened yet.

Sigh, to be that young and full of hope again. To live in a world where we were so sure Willa Holland’s topless debut was merely a fortnight away. Oh sure, there are random pics here and there on the interweb that may or may not be Willa Holland topless, but we’ll never know for sure. You know what, let’s not dwell on what hasn’t happened yet. Maybe these Willa Holland pics are meant to be a reminder, to let us know not to give up hope. That Willa Holland’s full boob debut is just over that hill and we’ll be there before we know it. Yeah, that’s it! Willa Holland’s single boob in these pictures is great, it'swonderful, it's apretty awesome single boob if you ask me. And her rear end in that sexy lingerie ensemble isn’t half bad either.

When it comes to Willa Holland, you never know what’s going on. Some famous photographer could be editing pictures of a topless Willa Holland as we speak. Or a famous director is working on the cut of a scene of Willa Holland coming out of a shower. Let’s remember that feeling again.