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Talking Dirty

What’s better than seeing a chick in the buff? Seeing a chick in the buff as she talks dirty. Mr. Skin knows a lot you guys like a little dirty talk thrown in when you’re getting romantic with your ladies, so he thought he would compile a playlist with some of your favorite Hollywood starlets stripping down and getting naughty with their words. Skinjoy! Ignore Dane Cook and check out Carrie Fleming’s floppin’ funbags as she runs her dirty mouth in Good Luck Chuck. Meredith Monroe makes with the left mam while getting banged in Californication. Sue Hirko makes with the T&A as she rides her dude in Pray for Power. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss a look at Camilla Overbye Roos’ rack in On the Border. Nina Proll delivers some head and hooters in Antibodies. Lena Dunham bares her boobies while getting banged in Girls. In the classic scene, Selma Blair shows some side boobage while getting banged in Storytelling. Hello? Catalina Guirado reaches out and touches herself while showing her sweet sacks in Private Moments. Riley Steele and Shauna Lenee show every porntastic inch in Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge. Liza Del Sierra and Lily Carter team up and lez out in Wasteland. Stop talking and put it in your mouth! Melissa Bacelar bares her big ol’ boobies while blowing a dude in Gravity. Amélie Jolie brings the T&A as she gets doggy pounded in Sex Stories. Taraji P. Henson shows her bouncing pair while getting banged in Baby Boy. It’s just booty from Theresa Russell as she rides an old dude in Whore. It’s all three B’s from Christina Baby as she gets banged in The Secret Cellar. It’s only a left boobie, but it’s really nice. Barbara Joyce teases a dude in Flesh for the Beast. Eva Jenícková is creepily hot as she makes with her mams in Diary of a Sex Addict. Missy Doty shows mashed mams as she gets pumped in Sideways. Michelle Lay leaves nothing to the imagination as she rides her dude in Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet. It’s dark, but you can still see Alycen Malone’s right mam as she rides her dude in Mustang Sally’s Horror House. She gets the cock while he gets the rock. The backstage is heating up when Aria whips out her boobs and bares butt in Black Tie Nights. Caprice Benedetti shows all three B’s in Brotherhood. Get an extreme close up of Teryl Brouillette’s boobage in Sex Pot. Noomi Rapace breaks out her mini mams and gets banged in Daisy Diamond. Ain’t no party like a Frat Party, especially when Jesse Jane brings out her faux funbags. When it rain, it pours…Natasha Blasick’s boobies in Death of Evil. It’s an all three B show from Paz de la Huerta in Boardwalk Empire. Esmeralda rubs her cooter and squirts in Driller. Augie Duke gives the sex swing a spin as she bares all three B’s in Chemistry. Jessica Marais racks out and talks dirty in Magic City. Did these girls say a word? Mr. Skin was too busy looking at their banging bodies that he didn’t even hear a dirty word they were saying.

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