Few Sights Are More Beautiful in All of Nature

There is nothing quite like the beauty of calm waters of a quiet lake. You know, one where you can truly sit back, relax, and take in the beautiful sights. The sun reflecting off the water, the gentle wind in the tress, and Dakota Fanning in a bikini on a paddleboard. Yes, that is truly nature at its finest.

Although there were a few moments in which I thought this Instagram pic was of Dakota Fanning paddleboarding without a top on, I have learned that she is in fact wearing a full bikini. Not only did I examine the picture to find the bikini top strap, I did some searching around the web to see if anyone caught an image from the front. Sadly, no one did. Topless or not, it would have been also awesome to see Dakota Fanning paddleboarding in a bikini from the front.

Having never been paddleboarding, I bet that doing it on a nice calm lake is probably a great place to start. Odds are you don’t have any waves to contend with and things are probably way more peaceful than the ocean. Well, that is until Dakota Fanning in a bikini paddleboards next to you - then all bets are off. Better wear a life jacket, just in case.