Sabina Johansson Peddles Ass in NYC Club

Police charged 23-year-old Swedish-born model Sabina Johansson with promoting prostitution at Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club where she worked as a greeter until recently.

When reporters asked whether she knew what went on behind the scenes, Sabina, now dating $5 million lottery winner and former doorman Richie Randazzo, denied any knowledge of illegal activity.

But undercover vice cops say that the statuesque beauty informed them that “they could get more than lap dances from the lap dancers if the price was right,” according to 411 Chatter.

Sabina, who boasts a racktastic 33-24-33 frame and has appeared in an Avril Levigne music video and on The Tyra Banks Show, was reportedly neither stripping nor hooking, but taking about $80 each from the 120 girls working at the club.

Since she wasn’t getting laid with the Johns, maybe she was getting laid with the Janes, like Jennifer Wolf in the 1995 softcore classic Lap Dancer. It’s a possibility Mr. Skin is going to spend a lot of time considering.