Now This Is A Great Impression

We all have a friend who claims they can do a spot on Christopher Walken impersonation, but when they do it said impression just falls flat. Impressions are hard and the good ones take some real talent. So, not only am I impressed with Stella Maxwell’s hotness, but her Margot Robbie impersonation isn’t half bad.  

For all the flaws The Wolf of Wall Street had the one thing they got right was casting Margot Robbie. To say she made the movie watchable is putting it lightly (Margot Robbie makes every movie she is in watchable). It’s not all that surprising that LOVE magazine would choose to honor Margot Robbie in their yearly advent calendar, which is the greatest advent calendar of all. Stella Maxwell is also a perfect choice to play Margot Robbie. While her impression of Robbie is spot on, Stella Maxwell also finds a few places to add in a bit of her own ideas on the character. And you know what, all of her choices are great and I love them.  

You should really find a way to watch Margot Robbie and Stella Maxwell side by side, it does make some interesting character study. Also, it’s sexy as hell and something none of us will ever forget.