Staff Picks: 90s Black Icons

Our Staff Picks column takes you back to a time when video stores reigned supreme and the "Staff Picks" section was the place to find out what films were worthy of one's time. Of course, our version of Staff Picks has a decidedly skintillating angle, as we suss out which films from a particular subgenre are the best to find great nudity. This week let's cover one of the absolute BEST decades for celebrity nudity: the 90s. We are going to specifically shout out 90s Black icons.

It's Black History Month, so it's the perfect time to pay respect to some respect to a decade that was filled with sexy Black babes who took their clothes off: the 90s. The 90s was a good decade for naked celebrities, pop stars, models, and Black excellence. There are SO many wonderful women to admire and several of the most famous Black women in Hollywood got their start in the 90s - specifically with no clothes on.

Here are our Staff Picks for 90s Black icons whose scenes you need to watch:

Angela Bassett

Angela remains one of the most well-respected actresses in the industry. She can do everything: action, horror, comedy, drama, Ryan Murphy, etc. But she first started melting our hearts in the 90s. After earning her MFA in acting from Yale, she took Hollywood by storm in the 90s and immediately began doing nude scenes. She learned well!

Staff Picks: 90s Black Icons

Nia Long

Nia Long popped off in the 90s to make all of her fans grow long just watching her. She had several nude scenes including breastacular views in many films including 1997's Love Jones. More like Love Bones when you get a boner watching a closeup of her nipple!

Naomi Campbell

One of the most famous supermodels in the 90s supermodel era, Naomi Campbell was a muse and an influence on everyone in the fashion industry. With long legs, fierce posing face, and hot body Naomi Campbell was the dream to model designer clothes.

Staff Picks: 90s Black Icons

Lynn Whitfield

Lynn Whitfield is an underrated 90s Black icon. A lot of these other ladies are still fondly remembered today, but Lynn's many nude scenes seem to be forgotten. Well, not here! She had a lot of sexy scenes, but she earns all of the respect in the world for playing the one and only Josephine Baker. She was topless as Josephine Baker in many scenes that recreated Josephine's famous looks.

Staff Picks: 90s Black IconsStaff Picks: 90s Black Icons

Mariah Carey

Mariah is now best known for loving Christmas more than everyone else, but in the 90s this big-eyed beauty with honey-colored hair was singing high notes that no one else thought was possible. While she never intentionally went nude, she did show massive cleavage in her music videos.

Staff Picks: 90s Black Icons

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan became everyone's crush when she starred in the basketball-infused romantic movie Love Basketball. That film technically came out in 2000, but her breasts are such a slam dunk that I would be remiss not to mention them.

Staff Picks: 90s Black Icons

Vivica A. Fox

Honestly, when I think of 90s Black babes, Vivica A. Fox is the first name that comes to mind. She was THE fox that everyone wanted a piece of back in the day. One of her hottest nude scenes was in the appropriately titled Booty Call. We didn't see buns, but we saw breasts.

Staff Picks: 90s Black Icons

Halle Berry

Hottie Halle did her best work in the early 2000s. By best work I mean, of course, "breast work". However, she was starting to get sexy in the 90s including in her role as Dorothy Dandridge. Check out her hot 90s body here: