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Sophie Monk: Naked and Sexy


Sophie Monk was born in the UK, raised in Australia, and makes guys crazy all over the world with her smokin' hot body. Mr. Skin salutes Sophie with this playlist featuring over twenty clips of this down under darling for you to plunk your twanger to. We start things off with Sophie's sensational shakers and sweet seat meat as she seduces the mentalist in 2006's Sex and Death 101. 2009's The Hills Run Red features five clips of Sophie showing her stuff, first as she shakes her shimmies for a guy in a strip-club, in a scene that's intercut with Janet Montgomery's magnificent mams as she mounts a guy. Sophie shows side boob and her ragin' rear as she rides Vincent Chase in the first of two clips from HBO's Entourage, and don't miss two clips of Sophie looking succulent in a gold bikini from 2006's Date Movie. A whopping five clips from 2009's Life Blood follow, and be sure to seek out the first clip that has Sophie engaging in some sapphic smooching with Anya Lahiri. There's more of Sophie looking super hot in three clips from 2009's Spring Breakdown, all of which have Sophie walking around in an itsy bitsy bikini, and we close things out with eight clips from 2010's Hard Breakers. The first clip will get you hard when you see Sophie's skin sacks as she shakes her way around a stage before she falls backwards, and out of her top. Sophie Monk will have you mashing your junk.


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