Every so often a nude scene gets paired with a song that, for better or worse, ends up making it that much more memorable, and today’s offering comes from Russia with love. Or without love. We’re not quite sure. But we are sure it comes with bare boobs!

In 2023, in the midst of its violent campaign on Ukraine, Russia dropped another bomb - in the form of a dramatic thriller based on a play from 1835 that itself feels inspired by the works of Shakespeare, particularly Othello and Much Ado About Nothing. Maskerad is all about a well-to-do man with a hot wife who’s taken in by a bunch of tawdry rumors that she’s stepping out on him with a younger man.

Songs in the Key of Nudity: The Maskerad Singer


He believes the lies despite their passionate sex life, which is showcased by a sensual scene where the hubby (played by Aleksey Faddeev) traces a white flower along the torso and titties of his wife (played by blonde beauty Anastasiya Savchuk) while in bed.

Songs in the Key of Nudity: The Maskerad Singer


Anyone who isn’t reminded of Tommy Wiseau's The Room would see this act as both delicate and romantic, so one would assume the music underscoring it would reflect that. But one would be oh so wrong. The Russians do things a little differently here. The music is thunderous, almost confirming an age-old joke that the Russian language sounds like yelling even if the words someone is speaking are kind. Not only that, the song is called “I Don’t Love You and I Love You,” as if the couple was battling through complicated feelings -though it doesn’t present like that at all, even internally. But the real kicker is the song is being sung by the two actors themselves. That’s Aleksey and Anastasiya belting away loudly on the soundtrack, hitting those high notes in the most literal sense.

Anastasiya Savchuk Nude in Maskerad


It’s a juxtaposition that may just get lost in translation, but luckily Anastasiya and her ample bosom speak the universal language of nudity. There’s just no disguising her hotness, no matter how hard you try.

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