Grown up fairy tales, lesbian trysts, and some underrated crime flicks await you this week on the big three streaming services!


Tale of Tales

This twisted Italian fantasy—with an all-star cast including Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, and John C. Reilly—has got some great nudity from Stacy Martin, Guenda Goria and Catrinel Marlon, Sabrina La Torre, and more!



Kill the Irishman

This underrate crime drama from 2011 features a terrific topless scene from the lovely Laura Ramsey!



Amazon Prime

Anatomy of a Love Seen

This drama stars Jill Evyn and Sharon Hinnendael as actresses who fall for one another while shooting a lesbian love scene for a movie, start dating, split up, and then have to return for reshoots on their intimate scene! It's a straight up smorgasbord of skin!



Thirst Street

Lindsay Burdge headlines this romantic drama from last year and bares her breasts during a steamy sex scene!




Miami Blues

This fantastic action comedy from Grosse Pointe Blank writer/director George Armitage has some amazing nudity from the always reliable Jennifer Jason Leigh!



One Percent More Humid

Finally this week is this relationship drama featuring Juno Temple, who bares boobs and buns, and Julia Garner, who shows distant buns while skinny dipping with Juno!