Each Tuesday, be sure to check in with Mr. Skin to get the complete skinny right here on the hottest DVD releases. Here is the randy round-up for the week of January 13, 2008.

STUDIO: New Line Cinema
NUDES: Rene Zellweger (butt), Ariadna Gil (breasts)
THE SKINNY: Veteran hard-worn actors Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen star in the classically styled western Appaloosa as traveling lawmen who specialize in exterminating riff-raff from up-and-coming cowboy towns. Their latest target is a cold-blooded rancher (Jeremy Irons) who has held an entire population in a grip of fear for years. Rene Zellweger, as a newly arrived piano teacher, complicates what should be a routine shoot-’em-up for the good guys and bad guy as the sheriff falls in love with her. You will too, especially when Rene flashes her rump. Also load your six shooter for Ariadna Gil, whose nipples peek out above her corset, pardner.

ARDE, AMOR (1999)
STUDIO: Venevision Intl Films
NUDE: Rosana Pastor
THE SKINNY: Arde, amor is the third cinematic effort from writer-director Ral Veiga, following A Metade da vida (1994) and Continental (1990). Rosana Pastor, Sergi Lpez, Mara Bouzas, and Mariana Fernndez co-star in this acclaimed Spanish-language production. Most noteworthyas in nudesworthyis Rosana, who treats us to a naked eyeful of her intoxicating Iberian body. Arde will make you harde.

MIRRORS (2008)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox
NUDE: Amy Smart (butt) (Picture-)
THE SKINNY: Blonde hottie Amy Smart stars opposite Kiefer Sutherland and Paula Patton in the eerie fright flick Mirrors. Sutherland portrays a frazzled former cop who takes a gig as night watchman at a burned-out old department store. There, he soon discovers that evil inter-dimensional forces are using the building’s reflective surfaces as portals to enter the human realm, where they wreak all manner of spooky havocespecially when it comes to Sutherland’s estranged family. Amy Smart turns up (and on) as a victim of the ghostly no-goodniks, and she manages to bare her beautiful backside and side-boob (with nipple patches, alas) while easing into a bath. Amy’s naked kiester in Mirrors will give you something truly worthwhile upon which to reflect (and grow erect!).

STUDIO: Lions Gate
NUDE: Jacqui Holland (breasts) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Howard Deutch (Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful) directs Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, and Jason Biggs in the romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Girl. Biggs plays the jilted lover of Kate. He then hires ladies' man Cook to take her on a date so horrible, in theory, that she’ll be moved to run back into the arms of her ex. Of course, the whole crazy plan backfires, with Kate falling for Dane, and poor Jason thinking that his next move is to try to become a macho jerk. Between all the gut-busting yuks and heartfelt sobs, keep your eyes peeled for jugsy Jacqui Holland as a topless performer who gives Dane Cook a lap dance. She looks great, even if we don’t get to see the Holland tunnel.