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Skincoming for August 19 2008

Each Tuesday, be sure to check in with Mr. Skin to get the complete skinny right here on the hottest DVD releases. Here is the randy round-up for the week of August 19, 2008.

AUGUST 19, 2008

STUDIO: Magnolia
NUDE: Vera Farmiga (right nip slip)
THE SKINNY: The oddball thriller Quid Pro Quo stars Nick Stahl as a paraplegic reporter investigating a subculture of able-bodied people who want to be paralyzed. Along the way, he meets the alluring and mysterious wheelchair fetishist Fiona (Vera Farmiga) and the two develop a codependent relationship that quickly turns sexual. Ms. Farmiga flashes flesh.

STUDIO: Universal
NUDES: Amy Adams (butt) (Picture-1-)
THE SKINNY: Frances McDormand plays a straight-laced middle-aged governess named Miss Pettigrew in the comedic chick flick Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. When her boss fires her without warning, Miss Pettigrew takes a job as the social secretary to a glamorous actress named Delysia Lafosse (Amy Adams) and is quickly swept into her world of high society. Along the way, Amy Adams shows off her perfectly formed rumpus. Miss Pettigrew? Mr. Skin’s pecker grew!

STUDIO: Weinstein Co.
NUDE: Selma Blair (breasts, butt), Lauren Hood (FFN)
THE SKINNY: Petite powerhouse Selma Blair stars alongside gorgeous Melissa George in the gore-sopped psycho-killer thriller The Killing Gene. Stellan Saarsgard plays a New York detective out to crack a gruesome double mutilation-murder that may or may not be tied up in the chemical equation W-Delta-Z. As Selma is a lab worker, she becomes a suspect, especially since she has scores to settle with one of the victim’s street gangs. The tone is pitch black and the shocks are severe, but when Selma busts out her itty bitty boobles and delectable bite-sized butt, The Killing Gene will make you take your jeans off.