Nadine Velazquez Always Has Great Cleavage

Part of me simply wants to put up this Instagram post of some fantastic cleavage and not tell you who it is. Play a little round of “Guess the Cleavage." I know that would be mean, though. So, here you go, for those who haven’t figured it out, this cleavage belongs too. . .Nadine Velazquez!

It’s hard to guess why Nadine Velazquez decided to snap a selfie of her cleavage. I’m not saying that her cleavage is normally bad, quite the opposite. Nadine Velazquez always has fantastic cleavage, so I’m trying to guess what is so special about her cleavage at this moment. The only thing I can guess is the lingerie is new or she just noticed how amazing her cleavage looked in it and just had to share on Instagram. Hell, she could have decided to snap a pic of her cleavage for no reason at all. Whatever the reason, I think we are all super happy that Nadine Velazquez decided to share.

Okay, so I promise the next time I get a cleavage selfie I won’t try and make you guess. Though, in all fairness, we should all know what Nadine Velazquez’s cleavage looks like. We should be able to pick it out of a lineup.