Shocking Scenes from Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin counts down the wildest, craziest, and most extreme scenes ever captured in cinema. Our crack staff has combed through the enormous Mr. Skin archives to find the most mind-blowing moments ever filmed. From chocolate baths, to naked kung fu, to amorous monsters, prepared to get freaky with the most shocking celebrity sex scenes you have ever seen!

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week 1 (#69-61) week 2 (#60-51) week 3 (#50-41) week 4 (#40-31) week 5 (#30-21) week 6 (#20-11) week 7 (#10-1)

Week #1 (#69-61) Top

#69 Angela Aames in H.O.T.S. (1979)

Angela Aames soaks her hot, naked, bubbly boobies in the tub, but a wet seal and a robot keep interrupting the slippery good time. Now work up your lather!

#68 Samantha McLeod in Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Samantha McLeod is joining the Mile High Club when the hungry snakes decide to make a meal of her nip. Your own snake will dig it!

#67 Marta Anderson in Bare Behind Bars (1980)

Marta Anderson and her equally butt-nekkid gal-pal rub ass cheeks, eat watermelon and play horsey. Whoa, nippies!

#66 Bella Compagna in Terror Firmer (1999)

The well-endowed Bella Compagna straddles the Toxic Avenger, breaks her boobs free of their bra, and smacks them against the lucky monster's face. Motorboat city!

#65 Laura Albert in Dr. Caligari (1989)

Lovely Laura gets willfully molested by an oversized surrealistic tongue, and yanks down her tank to show a little left nippage. Slurp!

#64 Rebecca Brooke in The Image (1975)

Rebecca Brooke pulls up her dress, then pees on a rose for an audience. Nice sprinkler!

#63 Maribel Verdú in Huevos de oro (1993)

Maribel Verdú is fuzzy and buzzy as ants crawl all over her naked frontal. You‘ll want to pollinate her!

#62 Heather Graham in Killing Me Softly (2002)

Bouncing boobage and ass-grinding as Joseph Fiennes applies the Michael Hutchence to Heather Graham's neck, then bangs her on the floor, against the wall, around the room. That‘s not the kind of choking we had in mind!

#61 Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Great shot of Maria Schneider's caboose when Marlon Brando gets crazy with the dairy products and decides to go "in through the out door". Pass the butter!

Week #2 (#60-51) Top

#60 Serena Weber in Vampire Circus (1972)

Clad only in green and black tiger-striped bodypaint, tigress Serena Weber performs a TITillating acrobatic dance routine with another circus performer. Everyone can enjoy her big top!

#59 Jean Stewart in Getting Lucky (1990)

Jean Stewart looks great lathering up her furry frontal and great butt in the shower, but things are not going so well for the miniature shrunken dude tangled in her pubes. You heard right!

#58 Alisha Klass in The Center of the World (2000)

Alisha Klass does a very sticky stage dance that ends with her inserting a lollipop into her labia. Sweet!

#57 Anne Gaybis in Fairy Tales (1979)

Hi ho, hi ho, off her clothes go! Seven dwarves strip Anne Gaybis down to show off her fairy tail and everything else. She's the fairest of them all!

#56 Michelle Bauer in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)

Michelle Bauer seduces a john and then offers him a discount -- in exchange for his bloody body parts. What a bargain!

#55 Cristina Garavaglia in The Voyeur (1994)

Cristina Garavaglia spreads her legs wide so the camera can get a stupendous close-up of her pinkest, moistest bits as she Monica Lewinskys herself with a fine cigar. Smokin'!

#54 Patty Mullen in Frankenhooker (1990)

See Patty Mullen‘s patty melts and frankenfanny when she strips, mounts a john, electrocutes him, and pulls off his head. That‘s one way to get head!

#53 Lenka Novak, Nancy Mann, Betsy Genson in The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)

Topless trio Lenka Novak, Nancy Mann and Betsy Genson are tied up and whipped by a little person in a clown suit. C'mon, get slappy!

#52 Ginger Lynn Allen in The Devil's Rejects (2005)

See Ginger Lynn Allen's peaches, muff, and duff fly furiously as she cowgirls clown-faced Sid Haig in his dreams. You'll have more than a big, red nose!

#51 Paola Senatore in Salon Kitty (1976)

See every inch from perky Paola Senatore as she fools around with a naked, hunchbacked little person. You don't see that every day… which is probably a good thing!

Week #3 (#50-41) Top

#50 Andrea Edmondson, Sommer Nguyen in The Pet (2006)

Andrea Edmondson and Sommer Ngyen play fetch in the snow. Both bare their beautiful, icy B's while chasing the stick, but you'll be the one who ends up with a bone!

#49 Sasha Grey, Claire Adams in High Strung Women (2010)

Sasha Grey is strung up high and caressed by Claire Adams. You'll get roped in by the amazing full nudity both babes share!

#48 Carole Laure in Sweet Movie (1974)

You got your vagina in my chocolate! Two great tastes come together as Carole Laure gets totally nude and doused in chocolate sauce for a perv-formance art piece. She‘s slick!

#47 Emily Mortimer in Young Adam (2003)

Emily Mortimer lies topless on the floor as Ewan McGregor dumps all kinds of food on her. Get sticky!

#46 Reiko Ike in Sex & Fury (1973)

Reiko Ike leaps from a bathtub, grabs a sword and battles all comers while she's completely in the raw. Now that‘s cunt-fu!

#45 Edwige Fenech in Io e Caterina (1980)

Edwige Fenech rinses off her spectacular, world-renowned T&A in a futuristic shower, while a robot maid enters with a towel and goes ga-ga. She'll give you a hard drive!

#44 Victoria Abril in Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990)

An all-time aquatic skin classic as history's luckiest toy frogman gets his snorkel stuck inside Victoria Abril. Marco! Hole-o!

#43 Eowyn Steele in Frog-g-g! (2004)

Eowyn Steele enjoys a good time with her boyfriend until a mutant horny toad decides he wants in on the action. Croak and poke!

#42 Sumomo Yozakura in The Wayward Cloud (2005)

Underbuns, back burger, and nice melons as Sumomo Yozakura's man munches on a strategically placed watermelon. Juicy!

#41 Kelly Brook, Riley Steele, Gianna Michaels in Piranha 3D (2010)

Kelly Brook and Riley Steele hang out in bikinis, but Gianna Michaels's jiggly jugs are on full display when she parasails topless and becomes fish food. Who wants some sushi?

Week #4 (#40-31) Top

#40 Junko Asahina in I Love It From Behind (1981)

Junko Asahina enjoys a plate of noodles while being screwed doggy-style. Now loosen your pants and stuff your face!

#39 Amira Casar in Anatomy of Hell (2003)

Amira Casar is fast asleep on the bed when her guy comes in and plows her crotch garden with the end of a rake. Rakish!

#38 Gisele Lindley in Forbidden Zone (1980)

An enormous, well-dressed frog bangs away at Gisele Lindley‘s pantied posterior while her boobs graciously remain bare. You may not grow warts on your palms, but watch out for sprouting hair!

#37 Giada Colagrande in Black Widow (2005)

Giada Colagrande lounges on the bed, completely bare, while Willem Dafoe takes out her tampon then heads down to taste the crimson tide. PlayteXXX!

#36 Anne Gaybis in Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman (1975)

All of Anne Gaybis‘s glands are beamed from her lover‘s arms to the spaceship for some sex at the hands--and cloaca--of the spaceman. Blast off!

#35 Candie Evans in Takin' It All Off (1987)

Cutie Candie Evans strips down to her sweetest parts while two nuns and a breakdancer get funky beside her against a backdrop of white-hot synth music. Bumps and grind!

#34 Shannon Elizabeth in Jack Frost (1997)

Brief buns and side nudity as Shannon Elizabeth is attacked by a giant killer snowman. That‘s cold!

#33 Melissa Stephens in Californication (2007-2014)

Melissa Stephens is riding Charlie Runkle, showing off her breasts and butt, pretending that he is her little brother. You‘ll need a shower after that dirty talk!

#32 Elena Anaya in Sex and Lucia (2001)

Big bouncing boobers and a hint of the fuzz as Elena sexily masturbates to some video porn. She delivers a real happy ending!

#31 Kim Dickens in Hollow Man (2000)

Invisible Kevin Bacon sneaks a peak and then cops a feel of Kim Dickens's right breast. Your man will feel anything but hollow!

Week #5 (#30-21) Top

#30 Monica Bellucci in Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

Clive Owen does not withdraw from the goddess-like Monica Bellucci as he shoots the baddies and humps the Italian eyeful. Those are weapons of mass distraction!

#29 Emmanuelle Seigner in Bitter Moon (1994)

A great look at Emmanuelle Seigner's perfect pontookies as Peter Coyote laps a spilled milkshake off of her goodies. She‘s not lactose skintolerant!

#28 Candy Samples in Up! (1976)

See Candy Samples‘ sweet mega-sacks fly as she wears a mask and punishes Hitler in a sexadelic dungeon. Whip it real good!

#27 Aya Sugimoto in Flower and Snake (2004)

Aya Sugimoto is tied-up, spread-eagled, and suspended from the ceiling. Then she gushes like a geyser when penetrated by a little person‘s phallus-shaped headgear. You‘re the one who‘ll feel well hung!

#26 Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mandy Starship in Antichrist (2009)

See Charlotte Gainsbourg's booty and bush when she lies on the floor next to Willem Dafoe and relieves herself of her clit. The vadge close-up is her body double Mandy Starship. What a wild ride!

#25 Taija Rae in Driller (1984)

Taija Rae gets drilled by the hairy teen wolf who dons a Michael Jackson jacket. Who wouldn‘t howl at those moons!

#24 Madeline Zima in Californication (2007-2014)

Take a long, HARD drink of Madeline Zima as she shows off her natural knockers while alternately humping and punching David Duchovny. She‘s a knockout!

#23 Christina Ricci in After.Life (2009)

Christina Ricci rips out her own heart and shows it to Justin Long, while showing us her amazing boobs. Freaky-hot!

#22 Jenna Jameson, Shamron Moore in Zombie Strippers (2008)

Tons of titanic torso tonnage as zombie Jenna Jameson fights of Shamron Moore by shooting balls out of her snatch. Now go work on your forehand!

#21 Delphine Chanéac in Splice (2009)

Awesome hybrid-human sex as Delphine Chanéac brings out her genetically amazing gazongas to screw Adrian Brody in a barn. What the hay!

Week #6 (#20-11) Top

#20 Kelly Monaco in Idle Hands (1999)

Baywatch babe Kelly Monaco has got KISS facepaint on, but there‘s no mistaking her awesome rack has she gets felt up by three non-idle hands. Your hands will be anything but idle!

#19 Laura Gemser in Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)

As Laura Gemser and Mónica Zanchi 'monkey around' in the water, a smoking chimp looks on from the shore. You‘ll need a cigarette after that too!

#18 Joanna Kulig in Elles (2012)

First we see Joanna Kulig's buns as she's banged from behind, then she turns around to bare her behemoth bazongas and play with herself. Afterwards her guy washes her off with a golden shower. Now rinse and repeat.

#17 Ryôko Asagi in A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn (2003)

Ryôko Asagi assumes the position amongst the cows in a dairy barn, and then moos helpfully while the farmer tries to milk her. Udderly awesome!

#16 Gillian Hills, Barbara Scott in A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Three's good company as Gillian Hills and Barbara Scott show everything during their famous fast-forward threesome with Malcolm McDowell. Ménage-a-teriffic!

#15 Dita Von Teese in Andrew Blake Five Stars (2009)

Dita Von Teese takes a ride on a big black dildo that doubles as the heel of her gal pal's shoe. She‘s no tease!

#14 Jelena Jensen in Bad Biology (2008)

Jelena Jensen towels off her amazingly huge hooters, and then gives us a flash of full frontal as she succumbs to a gargantuan disembodied penis. Her good anatomy made Bad Biology a winner!

#13 Sirpa Lane in The Beast (1975)

It‘s boobs, butt and bush galore as Sirpa Lane gets chased and chewed by Jacko the Eternally Ejaculating Monster. Whack-y!

#12 Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Fantastic full nudity from Emily Browning who bares her boobs, butt and little red muffstache as a dude throws around her sleeping body like a rag doll. It's a wet dream come true!

#11 Drew Barrymore in Doppelganger: The Evil Within (1993)

Drew Barrymore is lathering up her gargantuan globes in the shower when the water turns into blood and ruins all our fun. Do you like bare-y movies?

Week #7 (#10-1) Top

#10 Chesty Morgan in Deadly Weapons (1973)

Harry Reems gets the full Chesty Morgan treatment when she busts out her nuclear warheads and smothers him. What a way to go!

#9 Charlotte Ross in Drive Angry 3D (2011)

Nic Cage multitasks, shooting bad guys and screwing Charlotte Ross in a hotel room. Nice double barrels, Charlotte!

#8 Zélia Diniz in Pornô! (1981)

A guy rubs a grasshopper all over Zélia Diniz‘s completely naked body. Put up your skintennae!

#7 Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie in The Human Centipede (2009)

Freaky funbags from Ashlynn Yennie and Ashley C. Williams as the centipede stands up for the first time. Nice sexoskeleton!

#6 Eiko Matsuda in In the Realm of the Senses (1976)

An inventive fellow stuffs a hard-boiled egg in Eiko Matsuda's love oven, then she squats down and squeezes it out. Now that‘s getting laid!

#5 Heather Murphy in Black Devil Doll (2009)

Heather Murphy heaves out some hot frontal with big bouncy boobs when she gets chewed and screwed by the puppet. She‘ll pull the strings in your pants!

#4 Chloë Sevigny in Hit & Miss (2012)

Chloë Sevigny's rack is real and spectacular, but she's wearing a fake nose and punching herself in her prosthetic junk. So hit the top and miss the bottom!

#3 Carmen Morrell, Carla Morrell in Basket Case 3: The Progeny (1992)

The Morrell twins bare their magnificently matched sets while canoodling in bed with a monster. They‘re iden-tit-cal!

#2 Effie Bilbrey in Blood Diner (1987)

A bare-bazoomed Effie Bilbrey gets battered up and prepared for fryin' in the kitchen! Who wants breast meat?

#1 Barbara Crampton in Re-Animator (1985)

One of the all-time great moments in Skingoria History: Barbara Crampton is full-frontally nude, with heaving hooters everywhere, as Dr. Hill's re-animated head makes his amorous advances. Nothing like some good head!