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The last Grand Slam event of the tennis season, the prestigious U.S. Open promises a compelling Ladies final on Saturday afternoon—featuring two of the biggest servers in the women’s game.

And before the tournament even began, Craig O’Shannessy—founder of Brain Game Tennis—advised the readers of the New York Times: “I want you to watch the United States Open through a different lens, with an analytical eye. The first thing to understand is that you are not watching only one match; you are watching two.”

And that’s what Sleuth--a former teaching tennis pro--has been watching throughout the fortnight … with the serve, as usual, being the stroke most likely to yield a pair of aces!

That fact was first exposed in 1979, when an unknown 18-year-old American made history at the most famous venue in the sport: “There have been only two extraordinary things about the women’s tennis at Wimbledon this year,” quipped columnist Tom Callahan that July, “and both of them have been Linda Siegel.”

“I thought the dress might be a little dangerous because I couldn’t wear a bra with it,” Linda lamented long before the term ‘wardrobe malfunction’ entered the lexicon. “But it was the only the only one I brought with me. I didn’t realize it was so revealing.”

She did have an inkling on the first changeover of her opening set, however, against legendary 6-time Wimbledon champ Billie Jean King—who appeared quite relaxed before the morning match.

“I was coming out of the top” of her tennis outfit,” Siegel soon realized. “I kept hanging a towel around my neck to make sure nothing happened. But when I got back on the court for my first serve, everything just fellout.”

As the Associated Press reported: “Miss Siegel lost the match {6-1, 6-3} and some of her dignity when a thin shoulder strap on her white dress slipped, leaving her left breast exposed.” Which they proceeded to zoom in on and transmit around the globe!

The crafty King, sensing an opening, began to aim her shots as far below the neck as possible—having earlier advised fans in a tennis guide: “If you are playing someone who does have big boobs, bring her to the net and make her hit low backhands.”

“That’s the hardest shot for the well-endowed,” Billie Jean noted. “Not having much of them, I find it hard to sympathize.”

After the match, King chuckled: “That’s great, if she’s happy. The audience sure was happy. If you’re well-endowed, you might as well show it. But I don’t mean we should start playing topless.”

One who does is the consensus ‘largest breasted Asian woman in the world,’ adult star Minka—whom you might be surprised to learn is a top tennis player! Born in Seoul, South Korea on September 7, 1970—her 46th birthday was Wednesday—the half French, half Vietnamese vixen was born Unhee Aptekar and came to America in 1993 for the Asian Olympics in Chicago to compete for a tennis tit•le. Amazingly, “she and her partner won the Gold Medal in women’s doubles!"

The future Minka quickly “established residence in the United States and wanted to become a professional tennis instructor,” reads her bio, “but she wasn’t able to pass her license exam because of poor English skills.” Desperate to make ends meet, Unhee “turned to modeling after her female tennis partner suggested she try it because of her attractive shape.” Beginning in 1994, she went for “enhanced string implants”—eventually increasing her bust to 56 inches … yet can still manage to serve “around them” while playing in the nude on her private court in Las Vegas.

Entering as UnHee Aptekar, she also still manages to win nationally sanctioned tournaments to this day! See if you can tell which one—or two—she is?

Minka wears a 44L bra … but alas Linda Siegel wore none at Wimbledon: “Linda’s dress—braless, backless and, as she later admitted, a bit reckless,” wrote London’s Daily Mail after her mishap, “could take the strain no longer. Clearly, Miss Siegel was out.”

So were several top women players during the venerable Championships in July 2014. “Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash has claimed that women players are being forced to play BRA-LESS due to a clampdown on the all-white dress code,” announced the Mirror Online. “The 1987 titleholder told BBC Radio 5 that some of the women have been sent back to ‘change their bras and tops because they had slight color on them.’ Cash added that some of the female players did not have suitable sports bras inwhite and had to go without them!”

Apparently, Slovakian star Daniela Hantuchova didn’t have a problem with it …

But others did—and in attempt to address the problem, a line of safely-supporting white brassieres specially designed to serve the purpose for tennis was introduced in time for Wimbledon 2015:

Though that didn’t fix the underlying problem with second serves!

“Any undergarments that either are, or can be, visible during play (including due to perspiration),” reads the revised rules at Wimbledon, “must also be completely white except for a single trim of color no wider than one centimeter. In addition, common standards of decency are required at all times.”

It’s time to dispense with decency … and serve up the Finest Fallouts from today’s Top Tennis Buffs:



The winner of two Grand Slams in each of women’s doubles and mixed doubles, the flashiest player on the circuit will be playing in the U.S. Open doubles final on Sunday. Of her frequent fallouts, Bethanie believes: “Why not have a little more creativity when you play. I like when players are original. I think it is great for the sport.” And at least her tiny panties were white …


Ranked # 1 in the world for 67 weeks, before her best friend Serena Williams surpassed her, Caroline infamously stuffed her bra and booty in 2012 to imitate the Williams physique: “I never would have done it if Serena and I weren’t friends,” Wozniacki defended the stunt. “And hey, who wouldn’t want big boobs?”


Voted the sexiest player on the circuit, the 2014 Wimbledon finalist was shocked the following year when she was threatened with a dress code violation when her “black bra strap briefly stuck out from under her white ensemble.” Said a surprised Bouchard: “I was not aware of that at all. And no one told me anything about my bra.”


“It’s very rare to find a tennis player these days that causes us to stop and take notice,” drools Busted Coverage. “We think we’ve found the next great one that’ll dominate the Internet for the next few years. Her name is Julia Göerges {pronounced ‘Gorgeous’}. She’s German. Chesty. Looks insane in a tennis dress. Women’s tennis is rather stale right now and needs a fresh face, especially one with, um, that chest.”

Watch it bounce as she Serves ’Em Up in this tit•illating You Tube video:


MARTINA HINGIS (Switzerland)

Making an amazing comeback after being retired for 6 years, the Swiss Miss has won all 4 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles and is currently ranked No. 2 in the world in doubles. And those ever-erect nipples at 25 (above) have lost none of their luster 10 years later!

PETRA KVITOVÁ (Czech Republic)

Twice the winner at Wimbledon, the chesty Czech is nicknamed ‘The Body’—we can think of two great reasons why (above)—and has yet to find a bra that can contain her headlights (below), which she nearly bared on a magazine cover last year.


“Karolina is probably best known for having a big serve (above left),” observes Match Forecasters.com, “and in fact it’s the most lethal serve in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). She has topped the list of most aces the past four years.” And she also came up aces in her first fashion show (above right).

She and identical twin Kristyna “became the first twin sisters to win a doubles title in WTA history in 2013” (above). The only way to tell them apart is by Karolina’s extensive Maori tattoos (below).

Which she serves up every time she serves!

Karolina's huge upset of Serena Williams elevated her opponent in today's Women's Final to the lofty position of Number One in the World ...


Not only does Angie serve up camel toes for the ages (above), but she's also one of the few top women players willing to sunbathe topless ... though she quickly covers up when sensing a paparazzi presence! That's Caroline Wozniacki's hot butt in the foreground ...


Just before her 18th birthday, Simona decided to undergo breast reduction surgery … and quickly rose to No. 2 in the world! Going from a 34DD to a 34C “was a good decision for me,” Halep said at the time. “It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.”

“I just thought that she serves well to be her height (5-foot-6),” said Serena Williams after playing 19-year-old slimmed down Simona (above right). “She has so much power on her serve. That’s really awesome.”


When BFF Caroline Wozniacki earlier asked, “Hey, who wouldn’t want big boobs?” stacked Serena raised her hand: “Me. Hello? Me!” Earlier she had shrugged: “I have large boobs and a sizable ass, so I guess it comes with the territory. I’m all black and I’m all woman. I have hips, curves, butt and boobs!”

The perfect note … and quote … to END on.

“I think Serena is the Williams sister that is famous for her derrière,” laughs big sis Venus. "She’s renowned. I’m getting a one-up on her, maybe (above, in those infamous flesh-colored panties at the 2010 Australian Open). I am wearing undershorts the same color as my skin, so it gives the slits in my dress the full effect!”