eva amurri assEarly this year, Mr Skin sat down and compiled a top 10 list of his personal favorite actresses who haven't yet gotten naked. It was his deepest desire that these stacked superstars would do their first nude scene in 2009, and it seems that in one very alluring case, the list has done its magic!

Eva Amurri, the doe-eyed, natural-racked actress and daughter of prolific skinstress Susan Sarandon, will play a stripper on the anticipated new season of Showtime's Californication. And unlike Lindsay Lohan, she's a stripper who takes her job to heart . . . and bares her parts!

The enchanting Eva spilled the beans to the New York Observer:

To prepare, Ms. Amurri took pole-dancing classes at S Factor in Los Angeles. She learned lap dances, upside-down and sideways pole tricks, and how to climb the pole and spin around.

“I have such a respect now for women who do this. It’s very athletic, I mean, they’re athletes!” she said. “It was so hard and so painful. It’s like getting rug-burn, but a pole burn on your thighs. I had so many bruises. Eventually, I started wearing knee pads to rehearsals.”

Seemingly taking after her mother, Ms. Amurri said she’s comfortable with herself and didn’t hesitate taking the role.

“You basically see boobs and butt. It’s the same as you would see on a European beach. It’s nothing scandalous,” she said. “It’s just in our country everyone gets so worked up about everything like that.”

Also: “Men are naked as much as the women are on that show, which I really like. If you’re going to be naked, at least it’s equal-opportunity nudity,” Ms. Amurri said. “And you know, I’m 24. If I’m going to be naked anywhere, I should really do it sooner rather than later. It’s pretty much as good as it’s going to get.

“My brothers want to kill me. They’re mad that their friends will be able to see me topless. But I’m not nude in every single scene, so I told them I would give them a list of the ones they can watch comfortably.”

Oh, we'll be watching comfortably, all right.

Eva's nude shots will be at Mr. Skin the second they air, but in the meantime, check out her non-nude but still smoking hot teaser pics from the show! They're on Eva's page now!

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