Sarah Silverman Is One Of A Kind

Break ups are never easy, even when it's the right the thing to do, we can all agree on that. So, upon hearing the news that Sarah Silverman is single again, my heart felt a little broken. While we all grieve in our own ways I know one thing that is helping me through this rough patch is looking at some nude Sarah Silverman pics. Yeah, that always cheers me up.

Honestly, I didn't do much looking into why Sarah Silverman and that British dude ended things. And yes, I know his name, I'm just on Sarah's side so I'm not going to say it. I just hope that they ended on good terms and Sarah Silverman isn't taking it too hard. She's a rare breed, that Sarah Silverman. Funny has hell, sexy as all get out, and she's willing to go full frontal. That, my friends, is a woman you hold on to. But maybe that's the thing. Maybe Sarah Silverman is one of those ladies who is hard to hold on to. It might be hard to contain all those jokes and incredible boobs. I don't know, I can't really say. The only thing I can tell you for sure is when you are feeling blue, a topless Sarah Silverman turns that frown upside down.

Maybe she's going to take a little break from dating, maybe she'll spend some time alone thinking about life (like we all do), or maybe she's going to take a fun vacation with friends and we'll get some awesome Sarah Silverman bikini pics. Whatever happens, I know we all want Sarah Silverman to be happy.