Will Sandra Bullock Get Her Boobs out in a Romantic Comedy This Summer?

Good nudity in a romantic comedy is a very rare thing. Once in a while you'll get a slip of nip like in Pretty Woman or The Wedding Date, but really outstanding celebrity nudes scenes like the ones in The Break-Up and Something's Gotta Give don't come along very often. But rumor has it that romantic-comedy queen Sandra Bullock may be adding a dash of full frontal to that very short list soon.

The Proposal, which finds Bullock as an about-to-be-deported Canadian businesswoman who tricks her underling (Scarlett Johansson's husbo Ryan Reynolds) into marrying her, will hit theaters on June 19th. But will your jaw hit the floor with a bit of boobs of bush from Sandra?

Bullock recently told Entertainment Weekly of her character:

[Screenwriter] Peter [Chiarelli] wrote me like a guy, and he never stopped writing me like a guy.

To which the mag countered:

Except, perhaps, in the nude scene. The crucial moment transpires when Bullock's character steps out of the shower, searches for her towel, and stumbles into an equally unclad Reynolds. It was the only sequence that choreographer-turned-director [Anne] Fletcher insisted they rehearse. "I really wanted them to be naked," says Fletcher, "and they never batted an eyelash." Jokes Bullock, "I wanted to do full-frontal nudity before I turned 60, so, check."

To date we've seen Sandra Bullock nude in two films: a bit of ass in Who Shot Patakango?, and a bit of dark, shadowy breasts in Fire on the Amazon. Both were little seen and came before Sandra appeared in the mega hit Speed. Since finding fame Sandra's only delivered a little bikini and lingerie action, so the likelihood of a full-frontal scene making it to the final cut of The Proposal is slim.

But consider this: Both The Break-Up and Something's Gotta Give were saddled with the same nudity-killing PG-13 rating heaved on The Proposal. But in both of the former films, the nude scenes were crucial plot points, and the proceeding action may not have unfolded without them. And in Something's Gotta Give, a bit of Diane Keaton's kitty even snuck onto the screen. Could Sandra Bullock busting out her can-dras and bush-ock be necessary in order for Ryan Reynolds to fall in love and save her from deportation and the couple to live happily ever after in true romantic-comedy style? Our Skin Skouts will be on the case, but we may just have to wait till June to know for sure.

One more curiosity: The extended HD trailer, above, shows bits of the shower scene in question, with Sandra hiding her sandbox with a tiny little washcloth. Below is the un-extended, TV-ready trailer, and the same scene shows Sandra covered in a big, white, fluffy towel. Let's hope this is for the sake of prime-time network modesty and this digital trickery won't make it to the finished film.